I received a call from a travel rep claiming to be from Vacations on Deck telling me I owed $1200 on a vacation package I purchased in 2010 but never used. I explained to the rep that I didn't owe money on any vacation pkg, Yes I bought a package back in 2010 but I paid it in FULL!!!

The rep went on to inform me that there was a balance of $1200 owed and if I didn't pay it he would turn me over to collections!!!! These tactics are TOTALLY ILLEGAL!!!! If you purchase a travel package and don't use it you only lose what you originally paid!!!!..... There is no additional money owed!!!!

I only paid $398 for my vacation in 2010 so how could I owe $1200?????

I called the Division of Consumer Services in Florida and they told me that Vacations on Deck has several complaints and isn't even Licensed to sell travel in the state of Florida!!!! STAY AWAY from this Company or you will LOSE your $$$!!!

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Same thing happened to me, except that I paid them. They used my credit card info to purchase merchandise.

Total charges around 300.00 additional. Please stay away fro these scammers.

to Anonymous #829962

I fell for their scam as well because of their tactics of duress. What a waste of $800 -- it angers me.

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